Friday, May 26, 2017

Altra Instinct Everyday Review

I started running in Altra shoes about a three years ago.  Continuing the ”Week of Altra,” I will review one of Altra’s casual shoes, the Instinct Everyday.  This light weight shoe is similar to the original Instinct and can help let your toes spread out, which promotes proper body alignment throughout the day.  I have written reviews for several Altra shoes in the past.  Click the links to read my past reviews:

I love the way Altra shoes feel and the benefits of the FootShape™ toebox that allows your toes to spread out.  It helps eliminate issues of compressing your feet/toes like many other shoe brands out there.  Altra’s zero heel drop shoes (meaning that the heel and forefoot are the same distance from the ground) promote proper form, provides better propulsion, aligns your feet, back, and body, and is not weighted more heavily in the heel (like most shoes) which promotes heel striking.

I bought a pair of the Instinct Everyday so I could have the benefit of Altra shoes while I’m at work.  I found that the premium black suede upper material looks extremely sharp and does work with my dress clothes.  They probably are too casual for a suit, but not bad for slacks and a polo.

The Instinct Everyday comes with the same midsole and outsole as the original Instinct and is extremely comfortable, all day long.  It has a stack height of 23mm and weighs in at 10.3 ounces.  I found that it fit true to size and appears to be very durable, so it should last for quite a while.

The Instinct Everyday has a 5mm sculpted insole that hugs your foot and provides a really comfortable experience.  Even though it comes with laces, it feels more like a slip-on.  I really enjoy the feel of the shoes and tend to keep them on all day, not taking them off when I get home from work like I did with my past dress shoes.  My one wish is that they made it in a black leather that could be polished.  It would work better with more dressy clothes.

Zero heel drop
Wide toe box.
Extremely comfortable
Plenty of cushion
Lightweight at 10.3 ounces
Decent price ($130 on sale at

Not dressy enough to wear with a suit

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For me, regular dress shoes have always been uncomfortable.  They compress my feet and they start to ache after a few hours of wearing them.  The Instinct Everyday allows your toes to spread out and provides a comfortable experience all-day-long.  You can get the Instinct Everyday for $130 on the Altra website.  I just got a pair of the Torin 3.0, which just recently came out, so tomorrow will be a bonus review to finish up the “Week of Altra.”

Note:  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.

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