Thursday, November 9, 2017

Pike Trail Blanket Review

I am often surprised by some of the products out there that may not be specifically designed for runners, but the products can definitely be useful for us as well.  While a blanket might not seem like a runner’s item, it can be.  I am always trying to be over-prepared, especially while trail running on more remote trails.  You never know when something will go wrong (either with yourself or a runner that you come across). 

I usually do my long trail runs in areas that don’t have as many people on them.  This is good because I don’t have to worry about mountain bikers coming around a corner and taking me out… but if I ever get hurt, there won’t be people around to help me out.  For that reason, I usually travel with extra water and fuel, a first aid kit, and some survival items.  I have a knife, twine, and matches.  What I am missing is a light, portable blanket that is waterproof.  It would be useful for keeping me warm or using as a makeshift tent if I have to spend the night outdoors.

Meet the Pike Trail blanket.  It is small enough to fit in your hand when folded in its storage bag, but expands to 56”x60”, which is big enough for 4 people to sit on.  It is made of reinforced rip stop nylon, which makes it extremely durable and will prevent sharp sticks and rocks from puncturing the blanket.  Even with this extra durability, it is not stiff like some durable materials out there.

Another great feature of the Pike Trail blanket is that it is 100% waterproof and sandproof.  That means that if you put the blanket on sand or wet grass, the sand and moisture will not seep through.  The blanket will remain dry as will your rear end.  This is great if you are injured and need to sit down or need to have some overhead protection from the rain.  The blanket would also be great for changing shoes or other gear in the middle of a run or race.

The Pike Trail blanket features sand pockets that you can fill with sand or rocks so it doesn’t blow around in the wind.  There are also stake loops that you can use to secure your blanket.

The carrying case is also made out of nylon and has a draw string with a lock.  It also has a carabineer on the end of the rope so you can attach it to your pack or belt.  My biggest complaint is that the bag is a little small, so it is not the easiest to fold the blanket back up and get it into the bag.  It can be done though and I find that it is easier to fold it than stuff it in the bag.

I took the Pike Trail blanket on a few trail runs and it was really useful for sitting down mid run, when I stopped for lunch and changed the batteries in my GoPro.  It also was completely waterproof like the website states.  I even made a cup with the blanket and poured water in it.  No water seeped through.  While it isn’t likely to be needed for an emergency situation, I always like to be prepared and would rather be safe than sorry.  I have also run across injured runners and it is always helpful to have the tools to help them out, even if it is just providing them some warmth while I run to get help.  You can get your Pike Trail blanket on Amazon
for under $18 and it has free shipping for amazon Prime members.  You can’t beat that deal.

Packs into small bag
Fits 4 people when unfolded
Strong, durable rip-stop nylon
Waterproof and sandproof
Loops at corners to stake down
Sand pockets to secure on beach
Great price at $17.98 (Prime on Amazon = free shipping for Prime members)

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I didn’t think of a blanket as an essential tool for trail running, but it is.  Also, the Pike Trail blanket would be great for before and after races or training runs when you want to stretch or just sit for a little.  I have even used it at a park to just sit with my family.  The materials and features are excellent, but how compact the blanket is and the price are the real reason why I like this blanket.  You should pick this up and keep it in your car’s glove box or with your running gear.  You never know when you might need it.

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.

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