Friday, January 30, 2015

You’ve Got to Be Chafin’ Me

When I started running, I went out with some coworkers for a 3-mile run. I was as slow as a turtle and was breathing like I had emphysema. I spent much of my first year with one injury or another.  As I progressed through my first half marathon training and increased my mileage, I started to discover some not-so-pleasant obstacles I’d have to overcome. 

Once my long runs made it past the 7-mile mark, I started to have chafing issues. I apologize in advance because I know chafing is not the most fun topic to read about; but hopefully, I can help other people avoid this issue. The first area that chafed was behind my leg. I was not gifted with the “small butt” gene; thanks, Mom and Dad! After one of my 12-mile runs, I made the mistake of jumping in a bathtub full of ice water. I felt like I was being cut with thousands of razor blades. I also had issues at my nipples and near my armpits where my arms would rub against my sides. I ran with tech shirts, so it wasn’t an issue of using cotton shirts. My nipples never got to the point of bleeding, but they hurt really badly. After watching my wife breastfeed our three young children, I feel bad saying that. I have no room to complain. I don’t know how mothers do it.

Now that I have probably grossed you out, I want to provide some solutions that have worked well for me. There are some cheap, easy solutions for chaffing legs, thighs and underarms. I have used Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream and the Body Glide Anti-Chafe Stick (looks like a deodorant container). You can find them on Amazon for $2 to $20. For those chaffing nipples, I have used Band-Aid Waterproof Tough Strips, which is a good name for the bandage since it will stick to you like gum on your shoe. I would strongly suggest shaving that area prior to using the Band-Aids; otherwise, when you remove them, it will feel like you are getting waxed. Unlike most of the other types I’ve tried, these Band-Aids stay on.

I hope this information helps you out. You don’t want to end up like the guy in the picture. I am sure that he isn’t having a very good day. If you have had success with other measures, please let me know.

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