Monday, August 17, 2015

Marathon Training Week 3

I am starting on my third week of my first marathon training.  My Achilles tendonitis in my right heal is not getting any better, but isn't getting worse either.  I was able to do 5 of my 6 trainings this last week.  I skipped one run to try and give myself a little extra rest. 

My long run Sunday morning was a 9 mile run.  I had to stop every half mile and stretch my calf/upper Achilles tendon.  It was really tight for the first 4.5 miles.  After that point, it loosened up and I was able to run the last 4.5 miles without stopping.  As much as I just wanted to turn around at mile 2, I knew that I would work through the tightness.

I ran in the new Skechers Ultra R, which I will be doing a full review on in the next few weeks.  I also ran with the Camelbak Marathoner hydration backpack, which I will review shortly as well. I really liked both products and can't wait to test them out more.

Here is my training for week 3:

Monday: Body Pump
Tuesday: Run 3 Miles
Wednesday: Run 5 Miles
Thursday: 15 Miles Bike Ride
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Run 5 Miles @ Race Pace
Sunday:  Run 6 Miles

I am excited to see how my Achilles tendon holds up.  I love to hear how everyone is doing with their training, so please feel free to share your experience.


  1. Hi! Will be interested to hear your impressions on the Ultra Road. I use a Camelback Ultra 4 and love it!

    I had achilles issues using my Hoka Challengers. Have you read this? Stretching won't help but the exercises outlined here helped me a lot!

    1. Thank you Stewart. That is a great article. I am going to start the eccentric heel drops immediately. While I like running in zero drop shoes, I am switching until my Achilles tendonitis gets getter.

    2. Hi Stewart, your advice has worked wonders and I can't thank you enough. Please shoot me an email at because I want to send you something. Without your advice, I might not have been able to complete my marathon training.

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