Monday, September 28, 2015

Marathon Training Week 8 & 9

I just finished my 8th week of my first marathon training.  I have a little tenderness in my right heel (Achilles tendonitis), but it’s not that bad.  My mileage is really starting to increase and I am getting faster as a result of my training. 

My 7th week of training included:
Monday: 18 Mile Bike Ride (cross train)
Tuesday: Run 4 Miles
Wednesday: Run 7 Miles (tempo run)
Thursday: 15 Mile Bike Ride (cross train)
Friday: Run 15 Miles
Saturday: Run 3 Miles
Sunday:  Rest

My wife and went on vacation without the kids for the first time in over 3 years.  I had to move my schedule around a little.  It was more important to get my long run in than anything else, so I got up early on the day we were leaving to get in my 15 miles.  I didn’t want to feel pressure to get in my long run while we were there.  We ended up going on a 3 mile run on the this awesome path near the ocean.  It had a great gravel path next to the asphalt path and the view was awesome. 

Urban Cow last year
My 8th week of training will include:
Monday: 15 Mile Bike Ride (cross train)
Tuesday: Run 4 Miles
Wednesday: Run 5 Miles
Thursday: 15 Miles Bike Ride
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday:  Urban Cow Half Marathon

I truly feel prepared for my last half marathon of the year.   I will be racing the Urban Cow in Sacramento, California on October 4th.  We will see if I can beat my PR of 1:50:20.  I can’t wait for the half marathon because, not only am I hoping for a PR, but it will be my wife’s first half marathon.  She is doing awesome in her training and I am so proud of her.  I love to hear how everyone is doing with their training, so please feel free to share your experience.

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