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Underwater Audio SYRYN Mp3 + Swimbuds SPORT Review

I don’t know about you, but I get so bored when I swim laps.  My brain seems to run on overdrive, thinking about the most random things or continually counting laps.  It really makes a one hour swim hard to take at times.  I ran across Underwater Audio on Facebook and loved the idea of listing to music while swimming.  There are studies that show that listening to music while swimming laps has some serious benefits, but more on that later.

Underwater Audio was started when the founders started to look for a music player that was waterproof.  There were several proprietary mp3 players on the market, but one of the founders loved the idea of using one of Apple’s products because it would give him access to his music library.  There were other companies that waterproofed iPods, but as an engineer, he was concerned with the process the other companies used in the waterproofing process.  He researched the amount of people who returned their units to these other companies because of leaking, so he decided to make a better project.  What are the benefits of swimming with music though?

I recently ran across an article “5 Reasons Swimmers Should Listen to Music During Practice” by Bri Groves, a Swimming World College Intern.  Bri stated some of the benefits of swimming with music. (1)

1) Upbeat melodies can increase motivation – That doesn’t mean that you should listen to any music, but shoot for songs that range with a BPM (beats per minute) of 125 to 140.  You can find the BPM for a song by doing a google search. (1)
2) In several studies (2), scientists concluded that as the BPM’s of music increased, the power output of the athletes’ increased as well.  This could result in a greater distance per stroke in swimmers.  (1)
3) As you swim in sync with the rhythm or beat of the music, your stroke rate will increase as you listen to faster music. (1)
4) In another study (3), they concluded that athletes who listen to music while exercising had a lower rating of perceived exertion (RPE) than athletes who worked out in silence.  Basically, it states that music is a subconscious motivator and stress reducer. (1)
5) Athletes who train with music regularly had 15% more endurance than athletes that don’t listen to music.  More endurance leads to a more sustained competition performance. (1)

I tested the SYRYN mp3 bundle with Swimbuds SPORT headphones.  The unit was waterproofed by Underwater Audio and comes with a ton of extras. 

The SYRYN is an 8GB mp3 player that is extremely simple to use and is relatively compact.  It has one port for the headphones (standard headphone jack) and three buttons.  There are back/volume down, play/pause, and a forward/volume up buttons.  The unit is easy to use.  To turn it on, simple hold the play button for a few seconds.  To skip to the next song, touch the forward button once or to turn up the volume, hold the forward button down.  The same process is followed for going to a previous song or turning the volume down, by using the back button.  The player also has a shuffle option to mix up your playlist.  The SYRYN is built to withstand submersion of up to 10 feet of water and meets IPX-8 standards.

The headphone jack also is where you charge the unit, which only takes about an hour to fully charge.  You also connect the USB to headphone cord here to download your mp3s from your computer.  Simply drop them on the device like it is a flash drive. 

You also get the Underwater Audio Swimbuds SPORT headphones.  They create the perfect waterproof seal while you swim.  I have been using ear plugs for the past year while swimming because I don’t like water in my ears after I swim.  The Swimbuds SPORT headphones do a great job of keeping the water out.  You get several different types of earbuds. 

Trees: Creates maximum noise isolation and the best water seal.
Fins: Work with the widest range of ear sizes and creates a watertight seal.
Ergos: Ergonomically designed with a comfortable fit for many sports.
Rounds: For everyday use.

I like the trees the best.  I have never had an issue with them falling out or letting water in.  There is a short cord which works well in the pool, since you clip the SYRYN on the back of your goggle straps.  There is also an extension cord if you want the player near your waist.

All products are covered by a warrantee of 2-years from the date of purchase and will be repaired or replaced.  They have a 5-day turnaround so you aren’t without your music for months like some other companies out there.   Click here for more warrantee information.

Completely waterproof (to 10 feet, IPX-8 standards)
Provides music without water in ears
Great price (starting at $65.95 with free shipping)
Great 2-year warrantee
May improve performance and fights boredom

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I love everything about the SYRYN and Swimbuds SPORT headphones.  They have changed my swimming for the better.  Not only am I not bored anymore, but I have seen my lap times drop.  The best part of this bundle is that you can get it for $89.95 on Amazon and if you are a Prime member, you get free same-day shipping.  They also have the SYRYN with the original Swimbuds for $59.95. How about that!  You can have it for your swim tomorrow (if you order by noon).  Underwater Audio has a wide variety of waterproof headphones and also has an iPod Shuffle version on their website starting at $185.00. 

There is a Delphin version that is like a miniature Android tablet on Kickstarter that will allow you to connect to your Pandora and other apps, without your phone.   The Delphin is $180 on Kickstarter and is scheduled for release in July of this year.  I can’t wait for this to come out.  Change your swimming and grab your mp3 player from Underwater Audio today.  If you do, please drop me a line and let me know what you think.


Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.

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