Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Don’t Be a D-Bag! My 10 Commandments of Running

It is amusing and sometimes frustrating how people don’t take others into consideration when they run. People think it’s everyone else’s responsibility to pick up their mess or get out of their way. All runners should abide by some principles. Here are my 10 commandments of running:

1) Pick up your trash, especially in a race. Really! Since when is it okay to throw your garbage on the ground? If you just raced several miles, you should be able to make it over to the 50
garbage cans within 5 feet of you.

2) It is common courtesy to at least give a head nod as you pass another runner. Bonus points if you say, “Good morning.” It’s not like being friendly expends enough energy to make or
break your run.

3) Your music is for you. Nobody wants to hear you try to sing “Barbie Girl.” Use some headphones, please! The life you save may be your own.

4) Don’t play chicken with someone on a bicycle. You won’t win! There is room for everyone. Even though your taxes helped pay for the path, you do not own it.

5) If your shoe comes untied or you need to take a phone call, move off of the path or road. You are just asking for someone to run into you.

6) Always go to the bathroom before you start your run. Nothing is worse than cramping or crapping halfway through. Don’t tell me that it has never happened to you. If you see someone running without a sock, don’t ask questions. You should be grateful that they wiped.

7) If you are going to run in a bike lane (on a road), face oncoming traffic. That way, you can jump for safety when the car full of kids taking selfies comes straight for you.

8) There is no need to wear a whole bottle of perfume. You are not going to a night club, and I hope that nobody will be giving you the sniff test. If they do, call the cops immediately!

9) If your race is going through a residential neighborhood and kids are lining up along the sidewalk, give them a high five. It will make their day and provide you with a mental boost.

10) I have no problem with snot rockets or spitting while you run, but look before you blow! Nobody likes to take a booger to the face. It’s just gross!

What are some of your favorite rules of the road?

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