Monday, March 16, 2015

6 Themed Races I Would Like To See

With themed races becoming more popular each year, I thought I would compile a list of some themed races I would like to see:

1) Rock Out with Your Clock Out – Dress up as your favorite rock, pop, rap or country star. Bring out the 80s hair for a rockin’ good time. Bonus points for mullets.

2) My Team Is Better than Yours – Dress in your favorite team’s gear for this NFL-themed race. Wear a jersey or go all out and dress like the mascot.

3) The Scariest Run in America – Think haunted house meets 5K Zombie Run. Dress up in your favorite Halloween costume for a thrilling race that begins at sundown. Along the course, people will jump out from behind bushes and chase you. Good motivation.

4) Single and Ready to Mingle – If you’re a single person looking to date, you will want to sign up for this race. Each participant will have 10 cards with his or her phone number printed on them. During or after the race, you would hand your card to someone you would like to take on a date. At the post-race festivities, there will be a beer garden to loosen you up and a section for speed dating.

5) The Dog Days of Summer – At this half marathon, dress up as your favorite type of dog, dog treat, or fire hydrant. One person could be a bone, and their friend could be a dog chasing them. You could even run with your dog! By the way, you will have to eat a hot dog every mile. Hope you can keep the food down.

6) The Great Baby Race РNo, babies will not be racing. You will dress up like a baby. You could wear diapers, onesies, and bibs and carry baby bottles for water. Bonus points for someone wearing a makeshift BabyBjörn or making your diaper look like you had an accident (hopefully it was just pretend).

What is the craziest themed race you have participated in? Do you have an idea for a new themed race?

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