Thursday, June 11, 2015

5 Great Jogging Strollers

 There is nothing worse than a terrible jogging stroller. Who wants to try to keep their stroller from veering off onto the road every second of a run? While jogging strollers aren’t always cheap, if you are willing to spend some money, there are some great joggers to choose from. 

Bob Revolution SE - $279.99 at
When most people think of jogging strollers, they think of Bob strollers. The Revolution SE has a swivel front wheel, light weight frame, ultra-padded reclining seat, and a suspension system. It has an easy two-step folding process for fast storage and is very durable. The one thing about Bob strollers is that any accessories will cost you extra. This includes a bar to attach your infant seat, a cup holder, or a snack tray for your little one. Overall the Revolution SE definitely lives up to the Bob standard and would be a great pick. (1)

Urbini Avi - $129.00 available at Walmart
This is the cheapest of the jogging strollers I researched. Urbini’s surprisingly comes with suspension which is typically reserved for higher priced joggers. It also offers a swivel front wheel, multiple-position handle, a single touch brake, and a one-touch quick fold feature. Urbini says this is their high performance, all-terrain jogger. It might be cheap, but you will get a lot for your money. (2)

Eddie Bauer Endurance - $170.98 available at Target retail stores
This is another jogging stroller that will cost you less but has many of the features of higher priced joggers. The Endurance comes with a swivel front wheel, parent tray to hold your stuff, and can accept several brands of car seats without additional hardware. This might not have some of the features of the other models, but is costs significantly less, which could be great for people on a budget. (3)

Chicco Activ3 - $299.00
This jogging stroller is packed with great features. Most functions can be accessed from the handle. You can control the front wheel’s swivel lock, brake lock, adjust the height/angle of the handle, and can fold the stroller all from the handle bar. With large wheels and the ability to attach your Chicco infant seats without additional hardware, this is a great product at a great price. (4)

Phil&Teds Sub 4 - $899
If you are looking for the Ferrari of joggers, this is it. The Sub 4 is built for speed with its light weight frame and streamlined design. The front wheel does not swivel, so keep that in mind if that is a deal breaker. The manufactures website boasts that Sub 4 is the world’s fastest jogging stroller. The frame geometry allows for unparalleled stride length, one-hand operation, and it allows for optimal posture. (5)

Having kids is wonderful. With great jogging strollers like these, there is no reason why you can’t take them with you on your runs. Grab a new jogging stroller and enjoy your run. Please share your favorite jogging stroller with us. 

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  1. this is a good jogging stroller for you, good quality and easy to carry

    1. Because of the cost involved, I have not tried these strollers out. I just went off of various reviews. I do personally know people who have the Bob Revolution SE and tend to love it. I have a City Mini Double Stroller from Baby Jogger, which is good, but isn't actually a jogging stroller. I like it because it is light and folds down flatter than most strollers. Also it fits through most doorways. I also have an old fixed front wheel BOB. I would recommend a swivel front wheel, but that is just my personal preference. Thank you for you question Long.

  2. this is amazing, some really good stuff of baby stroller. this is really good and its design is also superb, it can be found in different range and color.

    1. Thank you for the comment Jessica. You would have to look at your local retailer or online to see if you can get a different color. I know that many of these brands offer several colors. Thank you for reading my blog.

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