Friday, October 16, 2015

Listen to your body!

I have been increasing my mileage with my marathon training in full swing.  Last weekend I ran 8 miles faster than my goal marathon pace and 17 miles the following day.  I would be lying if I said it didn’t take toll on me.  I stretched throughout the day after my long run.  I even went on an easy bike ride the following day to stretch out my legs.

I felt completely fatigued and had a pinched muscle on the top of my foot, near my ankle.  The fatigue lasted for 4 days.  I decided after my bike ride that I needed to just take a few days off to recover.  I wanted to make sure I was ready for the longer miles.  I had an 8 mile run yesterday followed by an 18 mile run today. 

On my 8 mile run I made sure to take it easy so I didn’t wear myself out for my run today.  The rest really helped.  I was able to keep a constant pace without stopping and really felt strong.  If I would have followed my plan, even though my body needed a rest, I would have probably injured myself and would not be able to do my long run this week. 

I am in my 11th week of training for my first marathon, which consists of:

Monday: Cycle 15 miles
Tuesday: Recovery/Rest
Wednesday: Recovery/Rest
Thursday: 8 mile run
Friday: 18 mile run
Saturday: Recovery/Rest
Sunday: Recovery/Rest

Sometimes you just need to check your ego at the door and take a break.  If you miss a training run (shorter runs are not as important as the longer ones) it won’t derail your training.  I will be going on vacation next week and plan on running while I am gone.  I used to try and run through injuries and now I see why they say that you need to listen to your body. 


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    1. Thank you for your comment. a Chiropractor can be a very valuable tool and I know tons of people who go religiously and have had great results for long term, debilitating injuries.


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