Monday, October 19, 2015

Planning your running route could be important.

I now have 17 and 18 mile runs under my belt.  While they are difficult, I really feel a sense of accomplishment to just be able to run that far.  I am concerned at times about how I will ever be able to run 26.2 miles with my longest training run only being 20 miles, but I completely trust my program. 

For some reason, I have to make pit stops during my runs, especially morning runs.  I am really good with figuring out distances, and have tons of routes near my house figured out.  I set up routes where there are places to stop every 4-5 miles along my route.  For people who don’t have routes planned out, I wanted to provide you with two great website to plan your own routes.


They are both easy websites to use and it is easily follow trails and roadways.  Both websites are free, which makes them even better.

I am in my 12th week of training for my first marathon.  It is a week where my plan steps back the mileage to let my body recover and prepare for my longest run of 20 miles next week.  My 12th week consists of:

Monday: 5 mile run
Tuesday: 5 mile run
Wednesday: 5 mile run
Thursday: Recovery/Rest
Friday: Recovery/Rest
Saturday: 8 mile run (at goal race pace)
Sunday: 13 mile run

Planning your route could be a lifesaver.  If you don’t have places to stop, you could always pack some baby wipes in a Ziploc bag and have it in your pocket just in case.  I guess my days in the Boy Scouts where they taught me to be prepared are showing though.  Have a great week!


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