Thursday, December 4, 2014

10 Things I Won’t Miss About Running In The Summer

I like some things about running in the summer, but I am excited about getting outside and taking advantage of all that autumn has to offer. From the brisk temperatures to the faster race times, it seems like everyone loves fall running. Here are 10 things that I will not miss about running in the summer.

1) I won’t miss the gallons of sweat from running in the 90-degree heat. Nothing is more fun than wringing out your workout clothes to get all of the sweat out.

2) Speaking of sweat, I won’t miss the sweat in my eyes. I run at lunch, and the sweat makes my eyes so bloodshot that I am surprised I have not been drug tested.

3) The bugs are out in full force in the summer time. There is nothing like having a bug fly right into your mouth while you are trying to catch your breath on a hard run, especially if it gets stuck in your throat.

4) I won’t miss the need to get up early to beat the heat. I don’t mind getting up a little early, but waking up at 4:45 a.m. to get my long run in before work just isn’t any fun. Can anyone say 8:30 bedtime?

5) Running in the heat makes me want to take a nap. Too bad I don’t have a desk to sleep under at work like George Costanza from Seinfeld.

6) The summer weather makes people think it is OK to run without a shirt on. I’m not a model, which is why I would never torture other people by running shirtless. Maybe they did not get the memo; shirts are not optional.

7) Running in the extreme heat makes me look like a tomato. My body pushes blood to my skin to help me cool off, but I look ridiculous for hours.

8) Allergies can be bad where I live in California. There are a lot of fruit and nut trees, and the pollen gets out of hand. Fits of sneezing and itchy eyes can zap my motivation to run.

9) Summer is prime fire season in California. When there are forest fires nearby, it is nearly impossible to enjoy running. The smoke burns your throat and eyes. No es bueno!

10) With the extreme heat and sweat, I smell like a homeless man. I don’t remember smelling this bad after playing any other sport. It gets so bad that I can’t stand to be around myself.

What are some things that you will not miss with summer ending? 

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