Friday, November 13, 2015

Brooks Glycerin 13 Review

I got a pair of Brooks Glycerin 11’s a few years back.  At the time, I was mostly running in Mizuno shoes.  My big toes would rub the inside of the Glycerin 11’s so I sold them to a friend.  Flash forward to the present.  I have been trying to get a pair of Brooks for quite a while and finally got a pair of the Glycerin 13’s to test out.  I have read great things about these shoes including the fact that they won Runner’s World’s Best Update Award for 2015. 

Brooks is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.  Maybe that is why they are so awesome (I grew up in Eastern Washington so maybe I am a little biased).  Brooks motto is to “Run Happy” but they also try to “Live Green.” Their new headquarters building is right near the water and just across the street is a trailhead that leads to nearly 30 miles of trails to run on.  How awesome would it be to work there?  They invite the public to come in if they are ever in the Seattle area for a free treadmill gait analysis and to check out all of the latest Brooks running gear and apparel. 

When I got the Glycerin 13, I was concerned with the sizing because I didn’t want to have rubbing issues with my big toe again.  Brooks made changes to the shape of the shoe that eliminated my concern.  The materials and construction seem to be much better than the Glycerin 11.  I was really impressed and I hadn’t even gone out the front door yet.

Some of the features that Brooks put into the Glycerin 13 include 3D Fit Print, which is a revolutionary process that uses a screen-print technology to apply the structural material to the upper part of the shoe.  It is lighter weight than other upper materials and provides extra flexibility. 

Another feature is the segmented crash pad.  These are the shock absorbers in the shoe and each one is separated so you get a smooth heel-to-toe transition.  It was almost effortless to run in the Glycerin 13’s, even though it weighs more than most of the shoes that I am used to running in (at 11.3 ounces).

There is a rounded heel that aligns the force of a heel impact with the center of your ankle joint to reduce the stress on your body.

Brooks also put their Super DNA midsole material in the Glycerin 13.  The Super DNA material provides increased cushioning while giving you a great amount of energy return and support with each stride.  I really liked the feel of the cushion.  It provided plenty of cushion, but did not feel squishy, which often times takes energy out of your stride. 

Very comfortable
Tons of cushion but not squishy
Extremely durable
Looks awesome
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A little on the heavier side at 11.3 ounces

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For me, the best part about the Glycerin 13’s is that they just felt awesome from the first time I put my feet in them.  I would not use the Glycerin 13 as a speed shoe because of the weight, but they are a great everyday trainer or long distance shoe.  At $150 (at the Brooks website) or as low as $130 on Amazon these are a great value that should last quite a while.  There is no doubt why Runner’s World named them the “Best Update.”  Click here to find a local Brooks retailer.

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.

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