Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sport Suds Review

If you are a new runner or have been around the block a few times, you probably know that running brings out some smells that you never thought would come out of your body.  I have been cycling and working out at the gym for over a decade and my clothes have never smelled like they do after a run.  My wife and I call it the homeless smell.  

The smell doesn’t actually come from the sweat itself but from the bacterium that breaks down the sweat (a process called bromhidrosis).  Performance or technical running gear is made to wick moisture and dry quickly, but those same properties trap the oils and bacteria that smell so bad.  Cotton tends to not trap those oils as easily, but is terrible at moisture wicking and breathability. 

I used to just wash my running gear with my normal laundry.  The problem is that most detergents don’t remove the oils and bacteria that care causing the smells.  These oils reduce the effectiveness of your expensive running clothes. 

Sport Suds is a high-performance cleaning product that is made to bring your running gear back from the dead, or keep them looking and smelling new.  All Sport Suds products are sustainably sourced from natural reoccurring sources.  Not only that, but they are also readily biodegradable, non-toxic, and are septic and grew water safe.  Most laundry detergents cannot make that claim.  Because of the care put into their products, Sport Suds is hypo-allergenic, fragrance free, and is never tested on animals.

Sport Suds is based in the town of Milton in Ontario, Canada.  Their sport detergent is manufactured in both the US and Canada.  Sport Suds stocks their detergent in warehouses in both the US and Canada so you can get your products quickly.

So, SportSuds sounds good on paper, but how does it hold up to my real world testing?  With my marathon training in full effect, my clothes have been downright unbearable.  I couldn’t stand to smell my clothes, which meant that Sport Suds was going to be put to the ultimate test.  I used Sport Suds Washing Machine Cleaner first to make sure my machine was clean (more on that in a second).  Then I ran my first load of clothes using Sport Suds.  My clothes came out with no odor and they looked cleaner than they have in months.  I was thoroughly impressed.  These results were replicated load after load. 

You will want to follow the instructions in the Sport Suds website before washing your clothes in Sport Suds.  If you have been using regular detergents, they can leave behind a residue, which Sport Suds will remove from your washing machine drum.  You don’t want that residue to end up on your cloths though.  Click here for instructions on how to use Sport Suds for the first time.  You can either run a few cycles with your Sport Suds detergent and old towels or use Sport Suds Washing Machine Cleaner.
Environmentally friendly
Inexpensive (starting around $20)
Cleans difficult stains and removes odors with ease
Septic and grey water safe
Fast shipping

You can’t throw your old clothes away from being too smelly so you can get a new ones

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I wash all of my clothes with Sport Suds now and can’t believe that I can get a 140 load tub for $59.95.  That will last me over 2.5 years if I only used it for my running clothes or over a year if I wash all of my family’s laundry with it.  You can’t beat that deal.  There are several sizes to choose from and there are packages that comes with detergent (40 loads) and washing machine cleaner (5 pack) for $31.90 on the Sport Suds website.   Sport Suds is the best sport detergent that I have tested.  You can get yours at the Sport Suds Website or at Amazon. I felt like it left my clothes cleaner, smelling fresher, and you get a great value.  I wasn’t disappointed and you won’t be either.

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.


  1. I always like to running. Whenever i have got opportunity to participate a competition of running, i can't miss it easily. But one thing is that, in the running my body is always sweating. But some smells also come out. I did not get any solution of it. I think sports suds will really effective for it.

    1. This is the best product I have found for getting the running smells out. It works great. Thank you for supporting my blog.

  2. Great review. Was wondering if you'd be interested in reviewing our laundry detergent, Vapor Fresh Laundry Detergent?

    Here's the link--

    Sorry for posting this here, couldn't find a good way to contact you!

  3. Hi Best sports products. I am not sure about your question. There are several sports detergents out there, some are cheaper than others. Sport detergents are made for synthetic materials like in running gear and using regular laundry detergents won't get all of the smell out. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. According to your article,
    I got some question! Does it reliable and budget friendly to all?
    Some people does not care about brand,
    is there any alternative of these sports products?
    How long lasting Best sports products ? Hope you response on these point.
    Waiting for your response.
    More over good job and keep it up.


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